Profile & Clients


Wanya Dop is born and raised in Amsterdam. With a Dutch father and an Italian mother, he is formed by both cultures and languages. He combines Italian flair and good taste with Dutch sobriety and hard work. Creativity is in his blood. As a child he often plays with his colour pencils. Wanya’s childhood dream job is to work for Mattel and design his favorite Barbie.


At the Montessori Lyceum he takes classes in art next to biology and philosophy. He is fascinated by the shapes and colors of the Renaissance; Michelangelo, El Greco and Titian. Also more recent artists such as Picasso, Hopper and Kapoor touch him. For a year he studies art history at the University of Utrecht. Just studying art is not enough for an active person like Wanya; he wants to create himself.

The Rietveld Academy is a great playground for him. Initially Wanya specializes in fashion, but that is too limiting. He wants to try everything and experiments with animation, video and performance. Wanya Dop graduates in 1998 with a video installation, a fluorescent duvet and colorful pictures on the theme of innocence and sexuality.

Graphic Design

After the Rietveld he works as a graphic designer. Initially for printing house Jubels in Amsterdam. From 2000 Wanya works three years for Forum BV, Amstelveen; designing for customers like Grolsch, Interpolis and Kyocera Mita. He also does freelance work for: Elle Girl, Squeeze, ABN Amro and Stichting Proefdiervrij.

In 2004, he was Senior Designer and later even Art Director at Moodfactory in Amsterdam. Mandy Lim was for years his colleague. ‘Wanya works precisely and does lots of research. He gives many options and usually designs swiftly something that makes you happy.’ Within the strict borders of an assignment he looks for the boundaries and keeps a clear signature. ‘Wanya knows how to surprise customers and that is special.’ His clientele included, Dutch National Revenue and Taxes service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (EVD), City of Utrecht, UWV, Tenman, Zuidas, Product Board for Horticulture, Theatre group Toetssteen.

After 2006 he specializes in Art Direction. But his designer heart still beats. In 2013 he continues his graphic work for customers like the Rijksmuseum, Pelican Magazines (Elegance) and advertising company Cooper & Cross (Grand Italia, ...). Martin Verdult from Cooper & Cross calls Wanya a go-getter. ‘He listens carefully to the client and includes that information directly into his design. His output is creative and sharp.’ He also works for smaller companies like Youcanyoga, Studio Van Doorn and COC (True Colors logo and corporate identity design).

Art Direction

The wicked youth magazine Expreszo is Wanya's first job as an art director in 2001. Followed by the Gay & Night (2003-2004) and the Mood Factory (2006-2008). Wanya starts working for Miljonair magazine in 2008. Besides directing several designers, he often works with external photographers and illustrators. Photographer Brenda de Vries is enthusiastic about their teamwork: Wanya is a good people manager and takes projects to the right level.’ She finds him cunning in coming up with suitable concepts for photos, which he extensively presents with mood boards. ‘Wanya is friendly, transparent in his communication and indicates clearly his borders.’

In 2010 Wanya becomes Art Director/Chef design at Audax Publishing. He is responsible for magazines like AvantGarde, Glossy, Stars and Girlz! Stylist Pieter van Loon does several shoots with him. "He has a refined, distinctive taste: glamorous and sexy ' Van Loon calls Wanya's social skills his great strength. ‘He knows what he wants and from his large network he contracts those talents who makes his ideas visible.’

In 2015 he starts to work for de Bijenkorf department store. Here he puts his skills to use as a visual designer for online at Not for long he gets the opportunity to direct photoshoots, creating online campaigns and even packaging design. That makes him a all round creative designer.

As for 2017 Wanya has worked for another great department store launching and opening many new store in the Netherlands: Hudson's Bay. Here he worked as a graphic designer part of the Visual Merchandising Team. From instore signage to designing and illustrating big wallpapers for the store decoration as well as visualising 2D and 3D VM concepts.

Not soon after another great dutch brand Hema asked him to join their online team as a visual designer. 

From 2018 on Wanya has been working freelance as a Art Director and Graphic designer. He also have been an active board member and part of the artistic team of Amsterdam Gay Men's Chorus.

News update

Since 2021 Wanya started working at Van Loenen Reclame & Adviesbureau.

Other activities

The last couple of years Wanya also developted a succesful career as a host, comedian and drag performer under the name Nutella Versace. 


De Bijenkorf, Hema, Hudson's Bay, Lancaster, Piaget, Méduse, Biotherm, Valk Exclusief, Firmenich, Royal Republiq, Audax Publishing (Girlz, Hitkrant), Splendid Film (Misfit magazine), Dyson, Building Heroes, De Keukenhof, Variopool, COC Nederland, Jumpsquare, Thomas Acda, Het Rijksmuseum, Estida, Let's Run That Store magazine (World of Delights), Pelikan media (Elegance), De Keukenhof, UNITD, Tassimo, Cooper & Cross, True Colors, Het Parool, FERRY magazine, Rob Peetoom (magazine), Sanoma (Beau Monde), Rene Van Doorn Interior Architecture, Coc's Shakespeare Club, You Can Yoga, Holistic Swan massage, What's Cooking In Your Company, Fysio Educatief, Audax Publishing (Avant Garde, Glossy, Stars, Girlz), LXRY magazine (prev. Miljonair magazine, Belastingdienst, Ministerie van Buitenlandse zaken (EVD, Holland Imago), Gemeente Utrecht, UWV, Tenman, Zuidas, Productschap Tuinbouw, Hearst Netherlands (ELLE Girl).